Q&A: Jordan Likover, Conan's Twitter bio writer

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Last month Jordan Likover won the "Tweak Coco's Tweet Bio" contest, summing up Conan O'Brien in less than 140 characters for his Twitter account. Likover's entry was genius: "The voice of the people. Sorry, people." He shared more about writing, comedy and making something happen.

The best advice I've ever received is , "Become a doctor." My grandmother told me that. She was right.

I got into writing because I wasn't good at math or science. I thought, "I'll give this a shot." I failed the writing section of my high-school proficiency test. I guess with anything you do, it's just about doing it over and over.

I m oved to Los Angeles in January 2005. I worked every crappy temp job you can imagine. I worked in the records room at Warner/Chappell Music. I worked at Disney for a little bit, just basically working in a phone room for group sales. I worked at a management agency for six months.

I tried to do my writing on the side. I was doing a little bit of everything, and maybe that was a problem. I wrote for some fledgling humor websites. I did some stand-up.

At some point, I felt like I had to hit the "reset" button and mix things up. It just wasn't working. I moved back to Columbus. I quit my job to take time just to focus on writing. I came back in October.

Three things I can't live without are "South Park," Chick-fil-A and a thesaurus.

The bio I wrote for Conan was seven words. I've written thousands of words, and this is the most attention I've ever gotten. I'm trying to capitalize on everything that's been happening. Which isn't a lot, but it's something.

T he Twitter thing was supposed to be almost li ke exercises. But I would have so much fun with it that I would just do that. I got so caught up in the stretching that I'd never do the run.

If I could get people to notice anything else of mine, it would be my TV pilot . It's about a TV survival specialist. He has all this knowledge of how to survive in the wild, but he can't survive the day-to-day of real life. The working title is "Natural Selection." The main character's name is Hale Strongs.

My own bio, in 140 characters or fewer , would be: The voice of Conan. Sorry, Conan.

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Name: Jordan Likover

Age: 28

Neighborhood: Olde Towne East

Day job: Freelance writing

Hometown: Mayfield

Web: twitter.com/likover

Last Words

Last thing you bought: A beer

Last thing you gave away: My words to Conan

Last song you listened to: "Lotus Flower" by Radiohead

Last great meal you ate: The Western Burger at The Thurman Cafe

Last place you traveled: Southern California for a wedding