Dim Sum: Dim sum dish guide

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Columbus Alive

Ga Heung Yeung Ching Jiu: The Chinese version of stuffed pepper consists of a slice of a green pepper pan-fried with a layer of shrimp cake on top of it. I promise it's tastier than it sounds.

Daan Tart: In Southeast Asia, this dessert is so popular that KFC sells them. The small pastry shells are filled with a sweet egg custard.

Siu Mai: These steamed dumplings are one of the prettiest dim sum dishes, with a thin wrapper surrounding a bite-size ball of pork and shrimp filling that's garnished with a fleck of carrot or pea.

Lo Mai Gai: Sticky rice is steamed inside a lotus leaf with pork, chicken and various other items. Unwrapping the pungent, moist dish at Sunflower, you might find a small white ball in there - it's a quail egg.

Foong Jow: Don't let the fiery color fool you: These braised chicken feet are sweet, not spicy. Like lobster, they're a lot of work for not very much meat, and most of what you're eating is skin. If you have an aversion to chewing on cartilage, you should probably skip this dish.