Best Pizza: Hounddog's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

All hail Smokin' Joe's! Hounddog's absurdly flavorful specialty crust is the foundation of the city's tastiest pie. Even when built on standard non-Smokin' dough, Hounddog's pizzas are 'round-the-clock delicacies, as tantalizing in 3 p.m. clarity as in the thick of 3 a.m. impairment.

The place has character - check the old-school tavern decor and the infamous delivery limo - and so does its pizza, from designer pies like the Hot Mama (Cajun sausage, ham, bacon and sauerkraut) down to basic pepperoni and cheese. Even the most adventurous Columbus pizza junkies always return to this 24-hour treasure on the Campus-Clintonville divide.

Runners-up: Massey's, Plank's on Parsons