Best Sandwiches: Katzinger's Delicatessen

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Every sandwich tells a story at Katzinger's. With more than 70 specials, that's a lot of stories. For instance, there's the No. 59, "President Bill's Day at the Deli" (hot corned beef, Swiss cheese and spicy mustard on pumpernickel) commemorating the towering, hand-held meal created by President Clinton on his visit. But Clinton's not the only out-of-towner to be wowed by this classic delicatessen -as articles by Bon Appetit magazine and The New York Times attest.

Certainly local voters love Katzinger's top-quality meats (like Ohio Amish Gerber poultry), cheeses (like local Oakvale), specially made breads, serve-yourself barrels of pickles and old-timey ambiance.

Runners-up: Brown Bag Deli, Spinelli's Deli