Best of Columbus is Coming!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

As Mom of the Year is winding down here, we wanted to get your appetites whetted for our next big contest. Starting next Monday, when the new April issue comes out, we’ll be launching our very first Best of Columbus Awards contest!

We figure parents know best what’s best in Columbus, so we’re taking the vote to you. There are 52 categories of family-friendly things to do, places to go, stuff to buy, and food to eat, and we want to know which ones you think are best!

The ballot will be available on our website, starting Monday, April 4, and all of the voting will be done online there. The results will be unveiled in our June issue.

In each of the 52 categories we’ve come up with, we have suggested some worthy nominees but you are not limited to vote only for them. Anyone can write in a nominee and you are welcome (within reason) to let people know who those write-in nominees are on our Facebook page. But you will notice that, wherever possible, we are featuring locally-owned and operated businesses.

You’ll have to click in to see the full ballot on Monday, but until then, here are a few of the categories we’ve come up with: Best Ice Cream Parlor, Best Dine-In Pizza Restaurant, Best Hot Dog, Best Place to Buy Clothes for Kids in Grades K-5, Best Shop to Buy Baby Shower Gifts, Best Food Festival, Best Library Children’s Area, Best Outdoor Playground, and much, much more!