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A lifetime of romantic ups and downs has given Nicci Sprouse plenty of wisdom in the dating world. She's turned it into a local dating service called Ask Nicci and a regular advice column for Cincy Chic, a Cincinnati women's magazine. Sprouse discussed life and love from The Wine Bistro in Upper Arlington, one of the local spots she suggests for a great first date.

First crush you ever had: My first crush is actually my boyfriend now, my high-school sweetheart. He was my first kiss. I was 15, sophomore year in high school. We have an interesting story, finding each other after going through divorces. We were married to other people on the same day of the same year.

Last column you wrote: It was "Breaking Up in the 21st Century." Someone had asked me, "How do I get over my ex when I'm obsessed with going online and looking at his Facebook?" I think so many people stalk their exes.

First date you ever went on: It was to the movies in Marion. It was totally awkward and horrible. He got buttered popcorn, and I found out later that he wouldn't hold my hand because he had butter on his popcorn. It was my first car date. People shouldn't go to the movies on a first date.

Last great date you went on: This week, sushi at Kooma. We tried to go to North Market to get dessert, and it was closed. So we went to Cap City and got dessert to go.

Worst pick-up line you' ve ever heard: When I ran a matchmaking service for millionaires, I had to create all these online profiles for myself to recruit. Someone emailed me not long ago, and all he said was, "You'd look great at the Derby." I think he meant as his date, but he didn't even ask me a question.

Best way to get your attention: It would definitely be by being original or unique. You have to be creative. I'm a small-town girl, so it doesn't take much. If someone gave me a really sincere compliment and then said, "I have no game," then I'm going to want to rescue him.

Favorite thing about yourself: My ability to blend into any background, any circumstance.

Least favorite thing about yourself: My biggest weakness is probably public speaking. I hate that I can't do it. I can't get up there.

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Name: Nicci Sprouse

Age: 35

Neighborhood: Upper Arlington

Hometown: Prospect


Playing Favorites

Favorite musician: Barry Manilow

Favorite movie: "The Notebook"

Favorite food: Birthday cake

Favorite drink: Red wine

Favorite place to travel: The Caribbean