Anatomy of an Easter Basket

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent


  • large eggs
  • Easter basket
  • One bag of fake grass
  • Strands of embroidery floss
  • Heavy-duty hand-sewing needle
  • Glue (craft or school glue)
  • Toothpicks
How to Create an Egg:


  • With a heavy-duty hand needle (the ones for sewing canvas or sails are best), poke one small hole at the top of an egg and one slightly larger hole (no more than a quarter-inch in diameter) at the bottom.
  • Poke the needle inside and swirl it around to break up the egg yolk
  • Wipe off the small hole thoroughly and blow through it (with your mouth to the egg) to force the egg contents out the bottom hole (they'll make great scrambled eggs when you're done!). There are kits in craft stores that do all this for you with a needle and bulb, but if you don't feel like spending the money, this method works just fine. Just don't eat any raw egg!
  • Pour some water into the emptied egg, swirl it around and then blow out the water
  • Let the egg dry


  • Hold the end of an embroidery floss between your thumb and index finger
  • Drop a tiny dot of glue onto the floss end, then start to wrap the floss around that center point, creating a circle of wound-around floss
  • Stop when the circle is about a half-inch in diameter


  • Dab a drop of glue on top of an emptied, dried egg, then press the circle of floss on it
  • With a toothpick, start spreading a light layer of glue on the exposed egg shell beneath the circle, about a half-inch at a time
  • Begin wrapping the rest of the floss around the circle (hold the egg between your thumb and forefinger, on the top and bottom); repeat adding layers of glue
  • You can alternate different colors of floss (just cut the floss to end one color, and use a toothpick to place finishing and starting strands)
  • When you get to the very bottom, use a toothpick to help tuck the floss into place to finish