Michelle Salisbury

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Michelle Salisbury and her business partner Anne Bush-Cassady opened Trader Tots resale shop in Grandview Heights nearly 22 years ago because they wanted jobs that would allow them to bring their children to work.

"Owning the store allowed us to both be involved in our kids' lives," Salisbury said. "If you want to be a room mother and you work a regular job, you can't tell your boss you need every holiday off. It's just allowed us to take care of the things we thought were important."

How has the downturn in the economy impacted your business?

Things are a lot worse for a lot more people. We're having more sales. We have more things priced for less. Where some stores' prices have gone up, our prices have gone down.

What attracts people to your shop?

Because of our location in Grandview - being near Upper Arlington and Bexley, we get a lot of high-end clothing. That means parents who shop here can dress their kids really well for less.

What information does a person need to know if they want to sell clothing at your shop?

Our best sellers are sizes 18-months to a size 7-8. We're looking for freshly laundered clothing - particularly name brands. We're not looking much for things purchased at Target or Wal-Mart.

What other children's items do you carry?

No car seats. We take all the other assorted items - swings, strollers, high chairs, Pack 'n Plays and ExerSaucers. Cribs have become an almost impossible area to deal with since the recall of drop-sided cribs.

Do you ever have sales?

At the end of the season, we mark stuff down to $1, $2 or $3 - most things go to a dollar. Every year on the first Saturday of August we have a bag sale, where shoppers can fill a grocery bag for $12. People are always amazed by the amount of clothing they can stuff in a bag.