Here comes the bride!

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

We'll kick things off today with two slideshows for your viewing pleasure. One is of Kate, the world's newest fashion icon (and deservedly so--love, love, love her!) The second is of Princess Di, who we're sure is proud of the woman her son has picked.

Then, on Monday, we'll dish on our Top 10 favorite Columbus wedding venues. Tuesday, we'll share the city's Top 10 weddings of 2010. Wednesday, we'll talk hats.

Thursday, we'll offer tips on emulating Kate's style. (Kristy will also appear on 10TV each morning next week to talk weddings and style, and on Thursday's morning show, she'll take you to a few Columbus boutiques who will offer their takes on Kate-inspired looks!)

Finally, on Friday, we'll give you a slideshow of the wedding. Cheers!

-Kristy Eckert