Ready for a Refresh?

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

We put this issue together with a broad concept in mind-refresh.

Every year, spring brings us that opportunity, right? The earth transforms, and so can we.

Yep, it's a loftier goal than, say, cleaning a closet. (Though I would most definitely never undermine that project-or its

value!) But a little life change here or there-whether it's as simple as a new candle, as indulgent as a spa day or as heady as a job switch-is worth some thought.

And I hope this issue gives you a few ideas to consider.

Want to change your attitude?

We introduce some intriguing women, including two Olympians, whose accomplishments-and setbacks-may inspire you.

One is Stephanie Hightower-a world-record-holding hurdler and undeniably strong public figure. As I was interviewing one of her friends, she talked in awe about the mental capacity it must take to do what Hightower did so well for so many years.

"Can you imagine running as fast as you can, and then jumping hurdles, and the idea that even if a toenail hits that hurdle, what it would do to you?" said Kathy Ransier, Hightower's friend. "But she did it over and over and over. It's an idea of such confidence, and such focus, and such dedication. She understands a win."

Another is Marcy Hinzmann-Harris, a Worthington-bred ice skater who competed in the Olympics and, after years traveling the world, has returned home to teach the sport she loves.

At one point in time, before a competition that would help determine whether she and her partner made it to the Olympic Games, the tiny athlete's knee blew out. But despite doctors' concerns, she refused surgery for months. "I kind of knew my boundary and had tunnel vision," she said. "I was like, 'I'm going to give it all I've got.' "

Want to change your career?

Columbus computer expert LeAnne Absalom yearned for a job that made her happy-something that would make her a role model for her daughters. So she founded a jewelry company that is thrilling women here and helping others around the world.

Want to change your look?

A new pair of shoes can put more bounce in your step.

Want to change your stress level?

An Eastern-inspired spa treatment may do the trick.

Want to change your surroundings?

Find ideas in our spread of stunning homes.

Want to change your relationships?

Reconnect with friends over a casual dinner party. (I tried each and every dish during our photo shoot, and let me tell you, girls, they are as delicious as they look!)

A refresh can be tiny or grand, day-changing or life-changing. Either way, life shouldn't be boring, and neither should you.

Consider this tale, etched on a beautiful silver bracelet I found at Collier West and featured in this issue.

"Come to the edge," he said.

They said, "We are afraid."

"Come to the edge," he said.

They came.

He pushed them and they flew.

Change-even that of the small variety-can be scary.

But isn't it fun to fly?