Spicing Things Up

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1 Grow what you like

A good garden starts in your cookbook, not at the nursery. You should grow what you like to eat and avoid trying something simply because it's exotic or fancy.

2 Experiment Wisely

Experiment with unique varieties of herbs you already enjoy. For example, try lemon or Thai basil if you're already fond of the Italian type.

3 Keep It Simple

If this is your first year growing herbs, limit selections to three or four. Chives, thyme, sage and oregano are among the easiest to grow

and require bare-minimum maintenance.

4 Enjoy the Aromatherapy

Herbs delight the eyes and the taste buds, as well as your sense of smell. You can now buy "stepable" herbs, which tolerate foot traffic and often release amazing aromas when agitated.

5 Cut Often

Herbs like to be used, so plant them in high-traffic areas. Try growing along patios, near the front door or in window boxes to encourage frequent cutting.

6 Welcome Old Friends

Nothing beats seeing an old friend pop up in the spring. Plant a few winter-hardy herbs able to withstand Ohio snows. This way, you don't have to start from scratch.

7 Store For More

Herbs including lavender, rosemary, marjoram, tarragon and sage dry quickly without expensive equipment. You can store them in jars to enjoy all year long.

Sources: Helen M. Tramte at the Herb Society of America and Bill Dawson at Franklin Park Conservatory

Away We Grow

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