The Memorial By the Numbers

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

The Memorial Tournament, which was founded by and is still hosted by hometown golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, draws guests from around the world. Thousands will walk through the gates of Muirfield Village Golf Club May 30 through June 5 to enjoy one of golf's premier events.

But it's about more than a sport. Jack Nicklaus and his wife, Barbara, have long been dedicated to helping Nationwide Children's Hospital. Since the tournament began in 1976, The Memorial has given more than $8 million to charity, including more than $6 million to the hospital. It generates that money in several ways, including concession tips and teddy bear sales (Nicklaus' nickname is "The Golden Bear"). But perhaps most notably, it donates dollars for every hour its many volunteers work. And those volunteers are the backbone of the tournament.

"It's a pretty large group that makes it work, and they do an amazing job," said Angie Fallon, who oversees hundreds of volunteers as chair of the Women's Division Committee. The Powell mother of two said she was touched while walking through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-which The Memorial helps-as part of her current position. "It's just so rewarding. You feel like you're really contributing to something that is great and significant." Here's a look at The Memorial's philanthropic efforts, by the numbers.

By the numbers:




Hours of volunteer work the Women's Division Committee alone dedicates throughout the year


Sandwiches made by volunteers during the tournament


Amount of concession tips that go to Nationwide Children's Hospital


Teddy bears sold for Bears for Children's each year (they're sold at Kroger stores two weeks before the tournament)


Cost for "Chip," this year's bear

$1 million

Money raised through Bears for Children's sales since the campaign started in 1996

$8 million

Amount The Memorial has given to charities since its inception in 1976