Q&A: Ultimate Frisbee player Lauren Eiter

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After playing for about two weeks, Lauren Eiter randomly ended up at an international ultimate disc tournament, surrounded by players who traveled from as far as Japan. She fell in love and never looked back. Today, she encourages others to take a plunge into the enjoyable world of ultimate.

I didn't get into ultimate disc until I was in college. I had just gotten off one of my knee surgeries and was looking for a sport to get back into. When I went out to play it, I realized it was a really athletic sport.

Generally ultimate disc players are competitive . But they're not a--holes about it. You always have the sense that someone's going to be willing to share with you some of the finer aspects of the game. It's competitive, but it's also collaborative.

People confuse disc golf and u ltimate Frisbee. We've been joking about having T-shirts made that say, "Ultimate. No, it's not what your grandma plays on the weekends." They're very different, but there's a lot of overlap with people who play ultimate Frisbee and people who play disc golf.

In 2009, I came to Columbus from Battelle's regional office in Charlottesville, Virginia. When I first arrived here, I went online and looked for places to play ultimate Frisbee. I didn't know anybody when I moved here. I had no connections. Essentially my friend group got started from ultimate.

In the past 10 years, the average age of players has gotten younger and younger. From what I've experienced, I've played with a lot of people who are progressive and like to surround themselves with a variety of people. They're open-minded.

I work as a chemist. Any given day is different. I do assessments of chemical processes, evaluations, reports for clients on chemical reactivity, forensic investigations and analysis of compounds of interest.

It's kind of fun to work in a research environment. I was just thinking about how many intelligent people I'm surrounded by on a daily basis. I'm like, "I wonder if they'll ever find out I'm an imposter."

Three things I can't live without are coffee, people and new frontiers.

The best advice I've ever received is that you'll never possess what you're unwilling to pursue.

One thing I want to do before I die is write a book.

Spring and summer leagues are forming now through the Columbus Ultimate Disc Association. Beginners and advanced players are welcome. To register, visit columbusultimate.com.

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Lauren Eiter

Age: 29

Neighborhood: Victorian Village

Day job: Chemist, Battelle

Hometown: Morganfield, Kentucky

Last song you listened to: "Funeral" by Band of Horses

Last movie you watched: "The Social Network"

Last thing you ate: Chocolate-covered coffee beans

Last cocktail you ordered: Mojito at The Jury Room

Last place you traveled: Charlottesville, Virginia