Q&A: Christopher Felton of World UnderGround Radio

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World UnderGround Radio has caught fire in Columbus by showcasing independent music and providing a platform for musicians, DJs, promoters and other creative people to spread their messages. Meet Christopher Felton, mastermind behind the growing online station.

I was always a creative type of person. It started out with drawing, then it actually went into poetry. I would write poems. Around the mid-'90s was when I really caught the bug for hip-hop. I just dug the whole culture of hip-hop - the breakdancing, the DJing, the MCing, the graffiti.

I tried rapping, and I was absolutely horrible at it. I'm really that left-end, right-brain kind of dude. I was creative with it, but I also needed to know, "Well, how exactly do you rap?" I felt I got better with it, but the music thing is so hit or miss.

We all had aspirations of the whole record-label thing. A couple people in our inner circle rapped, produced music and sang. It grew out of a necessity to be a self-contained record label that a lot of these skill sets were developed. That's how we became a multimedia company called Corporate Innovations. Then from the company came the radio station.

The idea for the station was initially brought to me by a colleague of mine. I hopped on board because I felt that listeners and the people submitting music could all be potential customers. We have a full-service recording studio. We do graphic design. We do videos and websites.

The playlist at World UnderGround Radio actually comprises all genres of music. Because of the independent nature, our playlist is a majority of hip-hop. But you'll hear jazz. You'll hear gospel, rock, alternative - everything. We definitely wanted to include everybody. We're not really an exclusive type of club.

Three things I can't live without are movies, books and laughter.

Everything makes me laugh. Life is comical in itself - people's rationale, just the funny situations that life puts you in. I'm passionate about what I do, but if you can't laugh and have a good time, then it's not worth it.

Something you might not know about me is that I've cried at every funeral I've gone to. People don't necessarily see me as a crier. I cannot hold it together at a funeral. I'm bawling in the pews.

I'm the kind of person who you either love or you hate.

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Age: 32

Day job: Owner, World UnderGround Radio

Neighborhood: Berwick

Hometown: Lorain

Nickname: "Corporate"


Last Words

Last thing you ate: Baked chicken and rice

Last thing you bought: Gas

Last movie you watched: "The Wiz"

Last cocktail you ordered: Remy and Coke at Skully's

Last place you traveled: Akron