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Columbus Parent

Have you discovered Crave, a new family-friendly publication from the Dispatch family of fabulous magazines? Just the cover of this quarterly magazine (which is free, by the way) should tell you something about its family friendliness. The cover story for the first issue — which just came out on Monday, May 9 — features breakfast eateries, six of them to be precise and we’re not talking chain restaurants either (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But some real finds that you and your hungry young’uns will want to check out!

The first issue also has articles on patio dining (now that the weather is finally improving), taco trucks, restaurants in Dublin (just in time for the Memorial Tournament), and much more! Whether you’re looking for dining options for the whole family or for something that is “worth the price of a sitter,” Crave makes it that much easier to plan your family’s meals.

You can find your FREE copy at any of 500 pick-up locations: Just click here to find the location nearest you.

You can also satisfy your Crave cravings by visiting their website home or their Facebook page, where you can enjoy all sorts of sneak peeks, special offers, and hot tips and picks.