Best Asian-Food Restaurant: Molly Woo's

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
1500 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris, 614-985-9667,

If you're going to lure picky eaters into trying something a little more exotic than mac-and-cheese, it helps if you've got a wide range of options. Molly Woo's, a longtime anchor of the Polaris Fashion Place's eateries and part of the Cameron

Mitchell chain of restaurants, has a menu with a little bit of everything: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Mongolian.

It's also noisy enough in this brightly decorated restaurant to accommodate a pack of kids. And how can you not love a restaurant that re-brands chicken fingers as "dragon fingers?" That'll keep 'em happy while Mom and Dad indulge in a Spicy Tuna Roll and a decadent Lychee Mojito.

Runners-up: China Dynasty (Rt. 161), Hunan Lion

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