Best Restaurant with Games and Activities: Dave & Buster's

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
3665 Park Mill Run Dr., Hilliard, 614-771-1515; 1554 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris, 614-310-6800;

It's the age-old question: eat or play, play or eat? Well, choose no more! At Dave & Buster's, two of America's great loves - food and games - are deftly combined to create a restaurant experience unlike any other.

Come for the food, including a full menu of everything from specialty salads to ribs and chili fries, but stay for the games, where friendly (and not-so friendly) competitions ensue on arcade classics and interactive multiplayer adventures. Now the only question left is, who loves it more, the kids or the adults?

Runners-up: Chuck E. Cheese, Rule (3)