Best Street Food/Mobile Restaurant: Freshstreet

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
1030 N. High St., Short North,

Street food should come with a certain sense of adventure. Grabbing a bite from a cart or truck is all about the fun of eating on your feet and trying new flavors on the go.

Octopus balls, anyone?

Proprietors Kenny Kim and Misako Ohba first introduced Columbus to light, savory Japanese crepes with their Foodie Cart. When the mobile operation was waylaid by a recent car accident (the irony), the pair found a permanent spot with Freshstreet, sharing the same Short North stand that houses Late Night Slice after dark. Freshstreet's new specialty is takoyaki, small dumplings stuffed with octopus or veggies. If you and the kids are looking for a delicious new flavor on the go, this is it.

Runners-up: Banana Leaf, Fusion Cafe