Games Review: Brink

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

From Columbus Parent's games reviewer, Shawn Sines, here comes the low-down on yet another new family video game…

Brink ($60, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, PC – Rated T for Teen) Brink uses the familiar controls of most modern shooting games to introduce gamers to the Ark, a floating man-made city on the edge of civil war.The world's ocean levels are rising and two factions fight for control of humanity's last bastion. You take up the role of resistance fighter or security force member in this fight and discover that choosing sides may not be as black and white as it seems.

Shooters aren't great fare for younger kids, but teens will find Brink offers an interesting cooperative opportunity. Aside from some dynamic action gameplay, it has diverse character customization, allowing you to build one identity and play through the games many modes, earning new skills along the way.