July issue coming!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

OK, we won't say it ... all right, yes we will. Where is the summer going already? The July issue of Columbus Parent hits the street, starting next Monday, and we're celebrating both parties and sports in it.

Need some help navigating the perils of how to invite (or not invite) kids to your kid's birthday party? Got a slumber party in your future? Need ideas for filling a goodie bag? Looking to have your mind blown by a quinceanera, one of those amazing 15th birthday parties that are part of so many Latinas' lives? Well, we've got it in our July issue!

We've also got a number of great stories about sports-related issues: the problems faced by families who have to pay-to-play school sports now; why your kid can't use that $200 composite baseball bat you just got him; and what is so special about the Miracle League ball field up in Dublin?

And then, of course, we have to drop a few hints about where else we'll be taking you in the July issue … you might be running bases with a couple hundred kids in a major-league ballpark ... or chowing down on Swedish pancake balls filled with strawberry preserves … or playing on a playground that sounds like something out of a European castle town.

We're also unveiling a great new column from family finance expert Denise Trowbridge. You're sure to enjoy her lively take on getting the most out of your money.

So pick up an issue or click here to get your Columbus Parent next week!