Dare ya: Scotch Egg at Mac's

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

When I told a coworker that my post-ComFest festivities included a trip to Mac's Cafe, he asked, "Was anybody drunk enough to order the Scotch Egg?"

Well, yes.

A few huge beer mugs in, it didn't take much convincing to get me to order the Scotch Egg, the kind of deep-fried indulgence people will sometimes dare you to eat. (Remember the quote from "So I Married an Axe Murder"? "Most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.")

For those who aren't familiar, the Scotch Egg is a hard-boiled egg that's wrapped in sausage before being breaded then deep fried. Mac's serves theirs with a cup of creamy sage sauce for dipping. And oh, was it good. Salty, crunchy, meaty, eggy--all the best adjectives.

Honestly, it's less outrageous than it sounds, especially since whole shebang is just slightly bigger in size than a hard-boiled egg. How bad for you can that really be? And that sage sauce is really good, and perfect for dipping fries, tots or anything else that might need dipping.