C'mon get happy

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I remember it like it was yesterday-zooming around the warm, dark backyard barefoot with my sister and cousins, chasing fireflies, without a care in the world except catching one of those glowing little guys in my hands.

I also have another distinct summer backyard memory that includes picking dandelions-zillions of them-and using the skirt of my favorite pink dress to hold my vast collection. It was joyous-until it became the first of many traumatic realizations that some stains do not, in fact, come out (cue the tears).

But I digress...

Anyhow, most of us no longer get summer breaks (or at least not those that last longer than a week, and even then we're toting our BlackBerries). And we have a worry or two beyond backyard simplicities.

But summer still means fun.

And with that thought in mind, we crafted this issue.

Inside, you'll meet pizza executive Jane Grote Abell, who is as positively delightful as she is gorgeous. (Seriously, she's six feet tall with luscious blond hair. And she's as nice as people say she is. You might actually hate her.)

You'll read about three generations of women who have kept a small-town candy shop hopping. (Truly, girls: Marie's is worth the trek to West Liberty, if for no reason but the chocolate-covered potato chips.)

You'll be introduced to some gutsy gals who gets their kicks on motor bikes (I want a scooter!), and you'll head to flight school with one of our daring reporters. You'll find five fabulous ways to enjoy Columbus outside, and get my personal take on ziplining (loved it). You'll see options for spoiling yourself with a spa day here, or getting away for a weekend in Chicago.

And you will, as always, find fresh fashion (check page 90 for my favorite look) and shopping delights (I'm totally craving one of those feedsack bags).

In the end, then, I hope we offer some new ways to make your summer exactly what it should be-something that feels as blissful as dancing with fireflies.

-- Kristy