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The Basics

The Canopy Tour ($85) includes 10 ziplines of different lengths and speeds. You zip from one tree to the next by holding onto a mechanism above your head, landing each time on platforms attached to the trees. The experience, including gearing up and taking a quick how-to lesson, lasts about 3 hours.

The Thrill Factor

It may not be quite as thrilling or adventurous as some ziplining experiences abroad, but that means it's also not as scary or intimidating. There are inevitably children and adults who get to the first platform and, frightened, have to back out, the guides say. But physically, it's not super demanding. It is, however, a load of fun.

Superhero Style

The Super Zip ($30 for first zip, $20 for each additional zip), is separate from the Canopy Tour (though you can buy a $105 package and do both). It starts from an 85-foot tower. The line is a quarter-mile long. And you can reach speeds up to 50 mph. The best part? You can be harnessed around your stomach, so you're zipping from an attachment above your back, and you're flying superhero style. It's an expensive 60 seconds-but a rush worth every penny.

Helpful Hints

• Schedule your group to be the first out (No waiting!)

• Wear bug spray

• Take your camera

If You Go

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

10714 Jackson St., Rockbridge,

Ohio 43149; 740-385-9477