Games Review: Video Time Machine

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Columbus Parent

07 18 11 game review

From our stellar games reviewer, Shawn Sines, comes another take on what you can use to amuse yourself and your kids! Video Time Machine ($0.99, iPhone/iPad or on the Internet for free)

History is an interesting subject to introduce to your children. Even within the span of our lifetime things change pretty rapidly. If you've ever wanted to share just how different the world is now, there's an application and website that could spark some very interesting conversations with your kids. is a web site and connected iPhone/iPad application that offers viewers a glimpse back at culture and events in American television history. The program includes snippets of television shows, commercials and news that offer insight into just how far we've come.

Even if you're not a child of the 70's, it's a cool exercise to turn the wayback machine to one of the years and flip through the video offerings. Not all the clips are suitable for young children. You can find the application on the Apple App store for $0.99 and runs on iPhones and iPads. To use the web version visit