Wolf's Wieners & Food Fort Columbus

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Yep, that's man about town Wolf Starr of Small Business Beanstalk fame getting ready to fry up some delicious corn dogs. His new food cart venture, Wolf's Wieners, is going to make its official debut at Pecha Kucha Aug. 11 at Junctionview. That night, he'll be serving up corn dogs (using dogs donated by Dirty Frank's) from an actual food cart and donating all his proceeds to the Mid-Ohio FoodBank.

But Wolf's Wieners is about more than just delicious fried food. It's going to help launch Food Fort Columbus, a new initiative from the Economic and Community Development Institute. How it works is ECDI has secured about eight shiny new standard food carts and will help wanna-be food cart owners (anyone from budding entrepreneurs to existing restaurants who want to venture into the street food world) get up and running.

The carts can be rented by the day or week, explained Steve Brady, director of business operations for ECDI, and rent-to-own programs will be available too. The actual Food Fort location, a big warehouse on the ECDI campus, will be home base, providing a place to store equipment, prepare for a day on the streets

Besides helping to secure all the permits and licenses needed for street-food vendors, ECDI will help Food Fort-ers with training courses on legal and accounting issues, etc. Brady said future goals include securing blocks of food cart space at festivals for clients and setting up food carts in areas of town without many existing restaurant options.

(P.S. If you're not into corn dogs, Wolf will also fry you up a mini candy bar. Yum.)

Food Fort Columbus