Peggy Sanese

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Columbus Parent

When Peggy Sanese was raising her children, she owned a beauty salon and loved the flexibility that came with being a business owner. That's why, eight years ago, she suggested that she and her daughter, Traci Villwock open a children's boutique together. The mother-and-daughter team share duties at Create and take turns watching Villwock's two children.

"It's very flexible," Villwock said. "It allows me to be home after school with the kids. It's a very nice situation."

Sanese answered a few more questions for us.

Where did the name Create come from?

My grandmother was an artist and she used the word a lot. I was very close to her. You can create so many things. It just seemed to fit.

You pride yourself on carrying unique merchandise. How do you accomplish that?

A lot of people who travel or who have businesses need something that is unique. We will only buy one of each garment in each size. That gives us a way to buy more because we don't put our money into repeating. It creates interest and variety. Sometimes, I do wish I would have bought two. It just means I'll sell other choices.

Tell me about your toy selection.

Toys should always be an educational - a process of motor skills, learning, stimulating. Toys are supposed to be active. It's not like your security blankets where it's downtime.

What kind of extras do you offer?

We do have people that rely on us to put a gift together. That's pure trust. They trust us on taste, quality and price. We know what they want to spend and we respect that.

Do you have clothes that can help children display their tastes and personalities?

Absolutely. The youngest child we had in the store that picked out her own clothes was 18-months-old. I kid you not. This little girl could pick out what she liked. Kids like certain colors and certain feels. They're interested in what their peers like. These things are important.

Do you have any special items for siblings or twins to wear?

We always like to have sister-and-brother and twin outfits because of the photo moments and special occasions. They may use the same patterns in different styles.


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