Detox lunch at Market 65

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Sometimes (like, say, after a straight week of trying out s'mores-inspired desserts around the city) I just can't even think about eating one more fried thing/piece of bread/hunk of meat. All I want is vegetables. And at those times, I head straight to Market 65.

Luckily, the nifty newish salad spot is very close to my office, so it also makes for a nice, quick lunch option. I like to make my own creation. starting with a mix of spinach and romaine. You get to choose four (locally sourced) produce add-ons, and my very favorite combo is: roasted corn, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and broccoli. Most of the time, I throw in some avocado for an extra dollar.

For this particular salad, though, I went with tomatoes, broccoli, hard-boiled egg and avocado. Mmm, vegetables.

What're your favorite detox foods?

Market 65

65 E. State St., Downtown