Staff Pick: Amy Schumer at Woodlands

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Well, Woodlands Tavern has done it again. The Grandview bar continues to bring in some of the best young comedians in stand-up right now - Hannibal Buress, Neal Brennan, Kurt Metzger - with Amy Schumer, who presented her own "Comedy Central Presents" special in 2010 and has appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

Schumer's no-holds-barred material is reminiscent of Sarah Silverman's or Whitney Cummings', but she has her own raunchy, sharp attitude. She will probably offend you at least once, but you'll be doubled over all night.

Woodlands Tavern

Shows at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 27

1200 W. Third St., Grandview