Best mac & cheese in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

I'm hereby bestowing the honors for the city's best homestyle mac & cheese side dishes to the sister restaurants Club 185 and Little Palace. I've raved about Little Palace's shells-and-cheese version before, and was expecting something similar when I ordered the mac & cheese at Club 185. Instead I got something much different but equally as gratifying (and not a thing like your standard neon-orange Kraft mac & cheese).

The German Village spot serves a huge brick of bubbly, homemade-style baked macaroni and cheese topped with a slice of melted American for an extra hit of cheesy goodness. It's got crunchy, brown edges and is perfectly creamy inside.

Here's Little Palace's version of mac & cheese. Its big pasta shells are covered in lots of gooey cheddar and just a hint of chili spice.

Oh, and I enjoyed my 185 mac & cheese with this awesome 185 Burger, which you can read more about in my Cheap Eats review in the Dispatch.