Getting our glamour on

Kristy Eckert

My little feet dangled from my cushy chair as I sat in the third row of the theater, beside my father, watching the ballerinas on stage.

He had taken me on a date to see The Nutcracker for Christmas-just the two of us, all dressed up.

At one point, fog poured from the stage and flowed beneath our seats. I couldn't fathom how he had gotten us tickets this good-The fog! It's touching me, Daddy! We're that close!-but I felt like the most special girl in the whole world. I was 7.

When I think now about what glamour is, I think of that night. Yep, I was decked in a sparkling dress and Dad in his Sunday best. But it wasn't about how I looked; it was about how I felt.

As we put this issue together, we had glamour on the mind.

You'll find a handful of glamorous women-glamorous because they're making life better for others, all in different ways.

There's Cindy Lazarus, who was, at one time, arguably the most powerful woman in Columbus. Now, she's skipping retirement to run a camp that gives sick children one week of crazy, game-playing, campfire-song-singing, laughter-filled heaven. (P.S.-she's hilarious.)

There's Holly Schottenstein Kastan, who has channeled her grief over losing a child into helping others trudge through trauma.

There's Jen Diehl, who has thrilled many a bride-including country star Miranda Lambert-with bouquets made of vintage brooches and meaningful tokens.

We're giving you plenty of glamour on the style front, too.

You'll see luxe fashions on two gorgeous (and unbelievably kind) BalletMet dancers (who are sure to thrill a 7-year-old girl or two while dancing in the upcoming Nutcracker ballet this season). You'll meet Bethany Terry, a young model from Grandview who's walking designer runways worldwide (such a sweetie!). And you'll find four pages of gift ideas ranging from 50-cent caramels to a $600 cape. (Dear Santa, those are the earrings I was talking about.)

Other highlights? Classic elegance at its finest in a North Bank home. Dining you'll savor. Designer-decorated trees. And party recipes that will wow.

So open up, and get your glamour on-in whatever way makes you feel fabulous.