Having Moore Fun

Kristy Eckert

Most days, Michelle Moore is a typically busy mom-running her business, More Marketing Communications, while juggling life with husband David Houze and children, Alex, 15, and Brea, 11. But the Worthington 42-year-old also has a modeling and acting hobby that keeps life spicy. She once walked in a runway show with Stephanie Seymour. Her legs were shown in a DSW ad over the New York Stock Exchange. And she served as Diane Lane's stand-in in the film Secretariat. (That means she reviewed lines with other actors so that lighting and camera angles in each scene were ready by the time Lane was out of hair and makeup.) "It's the best mix for my life that I could possibly have," said Moore, a Westerville native and Ohio State graduate. "I got to live out those fantasies … while having a normal life."


My greatest passion: Bringing out the best in myself and others

My biggest annoyance: People who don't try. You only have

this one life, and I think that wasted potential is the

saddest thing of all.

The last thing that made me laugh: My kids. They are just crazy!

I most admire: My mom. She's the strongest, most amazing, most beautiful, most selfless person I know.

My favorite place to be: Antigua. I got married there, and I can close my eyes and picture myself there at any point, and it instantly relaxes me.

When I want to truly treat myself, I: Work out and read. These are things I do every day, but I truly do them to treat myself.


Book: Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Singer: Adele

TV show: Dancing with the Stars

City: Paris

Sound: My little girl's voice. She has this little voice of an angel, and when she sings, it's amazing. My son will feel slighted, but he can't sing! (laughing)

Dessert: My kids would say gross protein balls. But

really, it's chocolate cake. (laughing again)

Charity/Cause: Project Blues. We raise money through blues music to fund mammograms and adopt families going through cancer.

Saying: This is not your practice life. Make it matter.

Photo by: Will Shilling