Q&A: Dave Colina of formula AM

John Ross, Columbus Alive

Dave Colina's been part of several entrepreneurial adventures in Columbus, but now his efforts are focused solely on a product some people might consider too good to be true. Formula AM is water infused with oxygen, electrolytes and caffeine - and it's being touted by many local drinkers as a bona fide hangover cure.

At Short North Creole joint Da Levee, Colina shared more about developing a drink to help us all.

You might guess the inspiration for the drink. I was out drinking one night with a friend who is a doctor and a good drinking buddy as well. The following morning I woke up fully clothed, on the couch, wallowing in the physical and mental misery of what we know as a hangover. I said, "Why hasn't this been addressed in a legitimate way?"

The ideabehindformula AM came from a study that was done in Korea in May 2010. These guys thought, "If we can use the stomach as a delivery mechanism for getting more oxygen to the liver, the liver should be able to do its job better, and people will recover faster." And, it turns out, they did by about 30 percent.

Three things I would bring to a desert island are my girlfriend, an iPhone and formula AM.

Thishangover-cureindustry has been tainted by crap. We take the legitimacy thing very seriously. We're five guys launching a beverage company in the back of a kitchen.There's a lot of skepticism. The biggest thing for us was making sure that it actually works.

I'm the kind of person who pours his heart and soul into everything he does.

Imagine if you could have your day back - and your nightlife. I want you to be productive. I want you to have fun. I fully believe that people can have both of those. We're giving people their time back. We're basically selling time.

The best advice I've ever received is do what you love. That's probably the best advice I've been able to give, as well.

One thing I'd like to do before I die is watch my kid walk, if and when I have kids.

Something people might not know about me is that I started taking krav maga. It's an Israeli martial art. It's really cool. It's really intense, too.

Photo by Jodi Miller

Dave Colina

Age: 28

Day job: Founder and CEO, formula AM

Neighborhood: Brewery District

Hometown: Cincinnati

Web: formulaam.com

Last thing you ate: Da Levee

Last thing you drank: formula AM

Last place you traveled: Louisville, Kentucky

Last song you listened to: "Hospital Beds" by Cold War Kids

Last movie you watched: "Bad Teacher"