Be Engaging

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

You've got the setting,now get the lookCoordinate

The bride and groom should complement each other, but that doesn't mean matchy matchy, said photographer Jacquelyn Poussot. Pick colors

and patterns that work together, and dress as if you are attending the same

party. Brides shouldn't wear cocktail attire with grooms in a T-shirt and shorts.


"Don't be afraid to contrast your environment," Poussot said. It's OK to look a bit out of place (with the setting, not each other), so wear that suit on a farm or a cocktail dress against a grungy brick wall.


Pick neutrals, recommended photographer Amanda Julca, and try to avoid black and white, which don't always show up well in photos. Go for grey, beige or pale shades of color. And think timeless. "You don't want to look back at your clothes 20 years from now and wonder, "What was I thinking?' " Julca added.


Brides should dress more on the feminine side. "Think about your figure and aim to accent the narrowest part of your body," Poussot said. "And stay in your style. Don't do anything that doesn't feel like you."