Fire Dragon roll at Sushi Bistro

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Normally, I'm a sushi roll purist who tries to avoid ordering rolls with cooked fish, or deep-fried anything, or cream cheese, etc. But something about the Fire Dragon roll at Sushi Bistro (a newly revampled Sushi Bistro Masa) piqued my interest, despite it having seared tuna as a main ingredient. I'm so glad I ordered it anyway.

I've never seen a sushi roll finished off by blowtorch, but that's how the pink chunks of ahi tuna on top of my roll got "seared." The fish was just barely charred, and some of the rice took on the magical crispiness you find on the bottom of Korean hot pot dishes. The slightly smoky flavor was unexpected and delicious. Underneath that tuna is a fairly straightforward roll with spicy crab and avocado, and on top are bonito flakes and a terrific garlic-ponzu sauce.

Sushi Bistro Masa was a longtime favorite destination for Honda employees transplanted from Japan. The old owners sold the restaurant to sushi chef Scott Kim, who has kept a lot of the old Masa menu items but added a bunch more, including some dishes that will seem more familiar to Western palates.

Anyway, I've been trying to identify some of the best sushi rolls in the city, and I'm pretty sure this one will make the list. Do you have any favorite rolls? E-mail em to me at

Sushi Bistro

6395 Perimeter Dr., Dublin