Goodbye kisses & fresh starts

Kristy Eckert

Andrea Cambern is admittedly scared.

For 20 years, she's been Columbus' sweetheart-the 10TV anchor people stop at grocery stores and Gallery Hop, the event emcee whose hand they wait in line to shake, the party guest they want to sling their arm around for a photo.

And she loves it.

Now, she's signing off, leaving the city she has grown to cherish for the palm trees of Santa Barbara. To get her excited about their new neighborhood, her husband took her to its version of Gallery Hop-one of Andrea's favorite Columbus pastimes, where she is stopped every few steps to chat. But out there, she was everybody and nobody-invisible, she felt, for the first time in two decades.

"While some people would relish that," she said, "it was breaking my heart."

Her honesty, which you'll find in our conversation in this issue ("Thanks for Joining Us"), is refreshing.

But while she may fear anonymity, a twinge of excitement percolates beneath the surface. She's reverting back to the name she grew up with-Andi. She gets to change her hair-without anyone weighing in on what it looks like. And she might pierce her nose-though she's definitely donating her camera-ready suits.

As for what's next, she's not sure (though I'm putting my money on décor; this woman's houses are ah-mazing).

It's always exciting, isn't it-the possibility of change? And you don't need to be retiring from a career or moving to the coast to refresh. This issue is packed with ways to do it, big and small, with inspiration from people who have.

You'll meet Barbara Trueman ("Finding Her Horsepower"), who was forced to reboot when her husband died too soon. She has channeled her energies into giving back, establishing herself as one of the city's finest philanthropists.

You'll see a German Village home that was purchased as a shell of its former self and transformed into a beauty featured on this year's house and garden tour ("Perfecting the Past").

You'll also find ways to refresh your look, be it with a pop of color in your wardrobe (don't miss the Rachel Zoe skirt in our "Light Bright" fashion spread-fab!) or plastic surgery (we answer all the questions you're afraid to ask in "Timid to Tuck?").

On a personal note, one of the biggest refreshes in my life came a decade ago when I started practicing yoga. Power yoga became a passion, helping tone muscles, manage stress and pump happy endorphins. If you've considered giving the ancient practice a shot, "Find Your Flow" (skillfully written by Beth Stallings, after visiting and trying several yoga classes around the city) is a good place to start.

Lastly, be sure to catch "Runway Ready," which features a half dozen of the Columbus College of Art & Design's most promising fashion designers. Amanda Smith, who is showcased among them, created the dress I'm wearing in this photo for the school's annual senior fashion show May 11. She was an absolute joy to get to know-smart and sweet, with talent to spare. (And this is how detail-oriented she is: when I picked up my finished frock, she had made a professional-caliber hang tag for it, complete with a turquoise stone because we had talked about our mutual admiration for the color.)

The CCAD show is one of my favorite events in the city, not just because it's a blast, but also because it's teeming with exuberance-a celebration of who people are, and of who they're about to become.

Life gives us many opportunities to embrace that edge.

Andrea, we wish you luck as you embrace yours.

Kristy Eckert, Editor