Life Coach Molly Luffy

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Columbus Monthly

Molly Luffy leaned in and spoke softly but firmly.

"We women are so capable and smart," she said. "But culturally we have been brought up to believe-it's in our collective consciousness-that we have to be nice. But you can't say 'yes' to everything."

So Molly Luffy teaches smart, capable, successful women how to say "no."

She is a successful life coach herself, based in central Ohio but serving clients all over the globe. The profession of life coach is a relatively modern one. The International Coach Federation dates to 1995 and is the main organization for these accredited, trained professionals. Luffy, 46, a former human-resources executive, became a life coach 11 years ago.

"A lot of people feel coaching is like counseling, but it's not," Luffy said. "Counseling looks backward and coaching looks forward."

Using telephone or Skype sessions, texts and emails, Luffy helps business professionals (95 percent of her clients are women) figure out why they feel something is missing in their lives. Filling that void may mandate a career change or, more often than not, "de-cluttering" the obligations that have piled up. In other words, it's about saying "no" and developing a better understanding of one's self and one's values in the here and now.

In a nutshell? Says Luffy: "It's about empowerment."

Luffy's tips for living well

Put down the super-hero cape & ask for the help you need and deserve.

This also allows other people, even children, to rise up and learn their strengths.

Carve out time & space for YOU.

As women, we do tend to put ourselves last.

Know who you are outside of your roles.

Learn what your core beliefs are. Question everything you've been taught. Often, that feeling of restlessness has to do with questioning something you learned in childhood.

Laugh more & have more fun.

Find the things that light you up and allow you to rejuvenate.

Make gratitude a habit.

5 Faves

Luffy shares her personal favorites

Reward for a Job Well Done

"If it's big, a delicious piece of jewelry. If it's small, then maybe a little cupcake."

Warm Drink

"Hot chocolate. And one of my favorite kinds is Caribou's White Hot Chocolate."


"In nature, grapefruits or peaches. In a perfume bottle, 'Unconditional Love' from philosophy."

Vacation Destination

"A cruise anywhere, although I also have to visit Vegas at least once a year."

Birthday Present

"A David Yurman ring from my mom."