Recycled Owl

Olivera Bratich

This simple owl project is a hoot for the whole family! Chances are the supplies are already on hand, so it's an easy project for a rainy day.


•Empty toilet-paper roll


•White, black and yellow/orange paper scraps

•Paper or fabric scraps


•Paint brush


•Invisible tape


1. Remove any toilet paper scraps from the empty roll to create a flat surface.

2. Paint the toilet-paper roll using acrylic or tempera paints. Let dry.

3. While the paint is drying, cut out two ovals from the white and the black paper scraps and one triangle from the yellow or orange paper scraps. This will be your owl's eyes and beak.

4. Cut out two raindrop shapes from your colorful paper or fabric scraps. These will be your owl's wings.

5. When the paint is dry, stand up your painted roll. At about ½ inch from the top, push in the roll toward the middle. Do this to the other side as well. Leave the sides intact. Secure with tape, if necessary. This forms the shape of your owl's head.

6. Glue on your eyes, beak and wings.

7. Keep your finished project on your nightstand to watch over you at night - owls are nocturnal!


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