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When my husband and I had McKinley, our 9-month-old moving machine, we knew we needed to start thinking…tradition. What we didn't realize at the time was that we already had one. Disc golf.

And, before I explain what disc golf is, let me ask you some critical questions: Does your family live for adventure? Do you enjoy the fresh outdoors, scenery and perhaps some exercise? Are you seriously looking for something new to do and don't feel like spending money on another membership? If you've answered yes to even one of these questions than you and your family may be interested in playing a round of disc golf.

I consider our family unique because we play disc golf. When I share this with people, they tend to respond with, "Huh?" To be fair, I did too when I first met my husband. He told me he was a "pro disc golf player." I chuckled as if there was such a thing. Now, it's one of our family's traditions.

Disc golf is an up and coming sport similar to golf, but utilizes frisbees called "discs" instead of drivers and putters. There are holes or "baskets" which you attempt to throw the discs into and count each throw as a "stroke." This year-round sport is great for kids and families of all ages.

Disc golf is generally free to play and the only equipment needed is a disc, which are now available at most sporting goods stores.

There are a handful of disc golf courses in Central Ohio conveniently located at local parks or college campuses. The courses are spread across the Greater Columbus Area at locations including: Blendon Woods, Ohio State, Glacier Ridge, Alum Creek, Simsbury Park, and Hoover Dam (which is our favorite).

Hoover Dam, in Westerville, is truly a place of beauty. With holes playing down toward a dam perched at the edge of a reservoir or through an evergreen forest, this park allows disc golfers, both new to the game and experienced, to enjoy an afternoon hike. It's rare to see a dam, especially in Central Ohio, and makes this an incredible place to go.

Maybe you're in need of a family tradition, have a New Year's resolution to exercise, or if you're like my family, simply relish the outdoor life. Regardless of the reason, disc golf is worth checking out.

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