Dunham tweets about alma mater's racism troubles

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Columbus Monthly

OBERLIN, Ohio (AP) — Lena Dunham is urging her fellow "Obies" to stick together as her alma mater in Ohio wrestles with reports of racism.

The creator and star of HBO's "Girls" wrote on her Twitter account Monday after learning about racist graffiti at famously liberal Oberlin College.

The school about 30 miles from Cleveland was among the first to admit blacks. And the city of Oberlin was a stop on the Underground Railroad that aided escaped slaves.

Dunham tweeted: "Hey Obies, remember the beautiful, inclusive and downright revolutionary history of the place you call home. Protect each other."

Racist and anti-Semitic messages have been found on campus, and classes were canceled Monday after a report of someone wearing a Klan-type hooded robe.

"Girls" features several characters who met while attending Oberlin.