Healing Hands

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Dulcinea Dumont grew up as the daughter of missionaries in Taiwan and became passionate about healing with her hands. Now 25, she uses the massage skills she honed during her 18 years abroad as lead massage therapist at the Woodhouse Day Spa in Dublin. "It's big in Taiwan," she says. "It's always a massage to help with the healing."

Favorite tools of the trade

The extensive trigger-point knowledge that I have. Our bodies are made up of so much body tissue, and the tissue can stay in a contracted position. With my knowledge, I can find the trigger points and use pressure and oxygen to relieve pain. Also, music-I am kind of a break-dancer. I tune into music and create the massage from the music.

Favorite body treatment

The Espresso Mud Body Scrub. It exfoliates the dead skin, and the hydrotherapy invigorates the skin. I love that feeling of energy.

Best drugstore find

Argan oil for the hair. It makes your hair soft and smooth. I also like organic products without a lot of chemicals.

Beauty splurge

A good quality hair mask, especially in the winter. I have thick hair and I like to make it silky. I use Aveda. Their Damage Remedy products have helped my hair become more manageable.

My five-minute makeup routine

I use a Clinique foundation and primer, because it's easy and light. Then something simple, like a pop of color on the lips. A little mascara and blush, and I'm out the door. I'm all about color, and I try to keep it simple

What I love about myjob

The people I work with and the people I meet every day. I love the ability to help them. It's nice to work in an environment where everyone cares and it's all about teamwork.

Perfect night out in Columbus

I'd start by going to Bravo for a light dinner and cocktails with friends. Then we'd head to the Bluestone. They have good DJs and live music, and I love dancing.

My style icon

Drew Barrymore. I love her hippie-chic style. I'm kind of a new-age hippie.

Fav way to spoil myself

Going out to eat at a nice restaurant. I love food, both cooking and eating.