Women of Achievement

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Columbus Monthly
From left to right: Dawn Tyler Lee, Cindy Hilsheimer, Linda Logan, Carole Watkins and Michelle Mills

Each year, the YWCA recognizes women who make a difference in the community. Meet the 2013 honorees, who will be celebrated at an April 3 luncheon.

Dawn Tyler Lee

Senior Vice President of Community Impact, United Way of Central Ohio

Giving Back: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) board, chair; board member of Columbus School for Girls and ROX; member of service organizations Delta Sigma Theta Inc. and The Links, Inc.

Words to Live By: There is a scripture that I hold close: "To whom much is given, much is required." There is also a quote by Maya Angelou that I found not too long ago: "You can't go through life with a catcher's mitt on, you have to give back." Those are the two that stick with me.

Cindy Hilsheimer

Managing Principal, BeecherHill

Giving Back: James Cancer Hospital Foundation, chair; New Albany Foundation, chair; board member of Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus Symphony and more

Easiest way other women can make a difference? Females have a keen intuition. That's a gift. They also have the ability to multitask. The third thing is they have a sense of empathy. Females need to use these gifts with confidence. Never be afraid to inject empathy.

Linda Logan

Executive Director, Greater Columbus Sports Commission

Giving Back: Columbus Recreation and Parks, commissioner; involved with Thurber House, The Women's Sports Report and Columbus Chapter of Black Sports Professionals

Words to Live By: Overnight success takes 20 years. In this really quick way of living, in this 24/7 world, we often forget that things take time. We think everything has to come quickly. It takes a while to get established. You have to enjoy the journey.

Carole Watkins

Chief Human Resources Officer, Cardinal Health

Giving Back: Flying Horse Farms board, vice chair; board member of Childhood League Center and Franklin University

Most pressing issue that today's woman faces? The pace at which we are expected to live. If you are working, it is a 24/7 kind of world where we are connected all the time. Working parents have to find the right way to balance how to be a great mom and be the right role model for those coming below us. I don't think it's just a women's issue. It's a life issue.

Michelle Mills

President and CEO, St. Stephen's Community House

Giving Back: Columbus Federation of Settlements board, chair; board member of Community Research Partners; involved with United Way and Franklin County Services

Easiest way other women can make a difference? Be counted and be heard. That's important. Never shy away from being counted and ensuring that people know we are ever present. In a lot of places that I have seen myself in, I have had to be bigger, faster, stronger, bolder because I am either a girl or I have that representation of a race.