Wacky Wednesday: Competitive Wine Drinking

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

It's Wacky Wednesday again, and that can only mean one thing this Wednesday before Mother's Day: competitive wine drinking for moms.

Yes, we recently received a pitch from a publicist about (and we quote):

[NAME DELETED TO PROTECT INNOCENT VINTAGES], the first-ever tournament-style social wine game where you drink amazing wines and become a more knowledgeable wine enthusiast, is the perfect activity for a mom's night!

During a battle, members receive two naturally contrasting bottles of the same varietal of wine. By tasting and voting, members decide which wine should advance to the next round. Battlers have the rare opportunity to interact with the wine merchants, as well as fellow wine lovers while exploring new wines and develop tasting profiles.

The scorecard shows a total of eight bottles of wine being battled over during one game. Yikes! Basically, it all sounds like a wine-industry publicist's gambit to get women drinking more wine: They provide the wine, scorecards, tasting guidelines and online accounts to keep track of the (suggested) weekly battles. No mention, though, of whether they also handle the DUI tickets or rehab bills.