Wacky Wednesday: Form Letters

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

What are we going to learn this Wacky Wednesday? That sending thank-you notes is still good etiquette but actually writing them? Pfft!

Read on for a real pitch from a real publicist:

Wanted to reach out to let you know of a new service ­[NAME DELETED TO PROTECT ETIQUETTE] that allows you to write and mail thank you cards without ever having to put pen to paper. Even in today's digital age, everyone needs to send out thank you cards for wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, etc. Now, with [MISS MANNERS' WORST NIGHTMARE], you can save time ­ and your aching fingers…Also, thought this might be timely for you given its National Etiquette Week.

Because nothing says "thank you, Grandma, for making an all-day trip to the mall instead of going to your dialysis appointment to spend a sizable chunk of your valuable fixed income on the perfect graduation gift for me" like a form letter!