Ohio Chautauqua at Capital University

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

It's been a while since Ohio was considered the western frontier. In fact, Columbus is now more than 2,500 miles east of Eureka, California on the country's (contiguous) western edge-and we're not even talking about Alaska.

But a time existed when Ohio was the Wild West. And that's what Ohio Chautauqua seeks to bring back to Columbus.

From July 16-20, the traveling red and white tents will set up at Capital University in Bexley to bring modern-day Main Street back to Johnny Appleseed's time. The event offers interactive workshops, musical performances and entertainment that is all free and open to the public.

For more information on the event, including a schedule of activities, visit Ohio Chautauqua's website at www.ohiochautauquabexley.com.

-Evan Matsumoto