Time to get outside!

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The national "Take a Walk in a Park" celebration may not occur until March 30, but pedestrians around the city will want to celebrate all month. Central Ohio features numerous city, county and state parks for families to explore. Several websites can help you locate a park near your home:

Columbus Metro Parks' website offers park information and event details at www.metroparks.net

Details about Columbus city parks can be found at www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=65047.

The American Heart Association website helps would-be walkers find local walking paths at www.startwalkingnow.org/start_walking_paths.jsp The search tool allows users to select what type of path they are looking want to walk.

Walking is a great way to improve one's health according to the hear association. It can lead to improved blood pressure, lower the risk of obesity and enhance one's mental wellbeing.