Checker to Rock Hall: Induct me or 'drop dead'

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

NEW YORK (AP) — Chubby Checker wants the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to know it's time to induct him into their exclusive club before it's too late.

Checker says he doesn't want to be inducted when he's 85 years old. He says the Cleveland, Ohio-based hall needs to induct him "while I'm still smiling" or "I'll tell them to drop dead."

Checker's recording of "The Twist," and subsequent, "Let's Twist Again" are considered among the most popular songs in the history of Rock and Roll.

The 72-year old recording artist equates a place in rock's prestigious hall with the ability to continue his career.

He says: "The Rolling Stones, they're in there. The Beastie Boys are in there, they're young. Hall and Oates were just in there and they're still making money."