Letter from the Editor: Our Most Fashion-Heavy Magazine Ever

Kristy Eckert

Jen Kessler spent part of her childhood in Africa, studied fashion in Italy and earned three degrees from Ohio State. Her energy is uplifting, her anything-is-possible vibe contagious. And right now, she is giddy.

We are standing in her bright Downtown studio-her in bare feet and comfy yoga gear (necessary, as this woman creates like it's a sport), and me in this dress, on which she had just put the finishing touches.

"It's ahhh-mazing!" she sing-songed.

It is. And so is she.

Kessler has big dreams, and the talent to match.

She wows me, as do many others in this issue.

This is our most fashion-heavy magazine ever.

You'll find a fashion spread photographed in and around Abigail Stables at the Wexner home, where we were graciously hosted on what may have been summer's most glorious day. You'll see favorite fall looks from 15 local style experts. And you'll meet a handful of talented local designers, from Kessler (her fit is perfection) to the Jones sisters (I adore those gals) to celebrated women's wear guru Nary Manivong (update: he's home!).

In what I hope you find a compelling read, we'll take you behind the magic of Easton Town Center, which this year turns 15. Innovative and groundbreaking, it has changed the way the world builds malls. Talking with its masterminds was fascinating. What's the mall's top-grossing store per square foot? How much money is raised for charity via parking meters? And exactly how many of those "borrowable" umbrellas do they order each year? We found the answers for you. I hope we deliver insights you'll enjoy.

On a she-power note, don't miss the profile featuring Sheri Tackett, who has used smarts, guts and charm (the kind that's legit, not manufactured) to build one of the city's most successful businesses.

And last but certainly not least, there is only one AAA Five-Diamond hotel in Ohio. We went-and loved it. (Seriously. Go.)

Plus, there's more.

I hope within these pages, you'll find something that intrigues, that delights, that inspires.

And to beautiful Jen Kessler-thanks for being all three. (Life is decidedly better in a dress that twirls.)

Happy reading.


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