Police detain 'Django Unchained' actress in LA

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actress Daniele Watts, who appeared in "Django Unchained," is complaining that she was handcuffed and briefly put in the back of a squad car after a public display of affection with her white companion.

In a joint interview, Watts' companion Brian Lucas told KCBS-TV he suspects police mistook the black actress for a prostitute "because he was asking me questions like, 'Who is she? How do you know her? Are you together?"

The Los Angeles police said Sunday that officers detained the pair after a complaint that two people were "involved in indecent exposure" in a silver Mercedes. Watts was detained until police determined no crime was committed.

Watts told KCBS-TV that she and Brian Lucas were embracing in the car Thursday.

Watts says she walked away and another officer put her in handcuffs and into the back of a patrol car. She was let go after police identified her.

Police say an internal investigation has been launched.