Filmmaker: Ambush suspect was odd but not a threat

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Eric Frein (freen) obsessively collected military memorabilia, dismissed his fellow war re-enactors as dilettantes, and took his hobby so seriously that he spoke French during a simulated Vietnam War-era interrogation.

That's according to a filmmaker who interviewed the man suspected of ambushing a Pennsylvania State Police barracks.

Frein is charged with killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding another trooper in the Sept. 12 ambush. He has managed to elude hundreds of law enforcement officials looking for him in the heavily wooded Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Frein appears in an upcoming documentary about Vietnam re-enactors called "Vietnam Appreciation Day."

The documentary's director, Patrick Bresnan, recalls Frein as odd and aloof, segregating himself from the other re-enactors.

But Bresnan tells The Associated Press he didn't consider Frein to be a threat.