4 Exotic Coffees to Taste at Columbus Cafes

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Mexico is known for deep dark roasts with a sharp flavor. Guatemala's got a reputation for coffee that's full-bodied and sort of spicy. Colombia produces robust but sweet java. Despite its beloved (and deliciously addictive) universality, the taste of a coffee is as unique as the different regions that produce it. To celebrate International Coffee Day, Sept. 29, we detail where to find four global varieties in your own backyard.

A fruity acidity, balanced sweetness and a smooth, medium-thick texture are markers of Guatemala's contributions to the coffee scene.

Try: Jorge's Pick by Crimson Cup at RIDEhome. Floral, lemon and sugar notes complement this drink, whose namesake is Jorge De Leon Ovalle, a professional grader of Arabica beans and one of the world's most respected-and youngest-cuppers. 650 High St., Worthington, 614-468-1409,

Deliciously and strongly scented, just a whiff of fresh-brewed Colombian could give you a caffeine high. Colombian coffees have a heavy body, light acidity and a nutty aftertaste.

Try: Colombia at Peet's Coffee & Tea. With hints of the cherry-like fruit that grows around the coffee bean, this full-bodied brew is brimming with a bright, sharp taste. 3645 N. High St., Clintonville, 614-441-9360; 2468 Northwest Blvd., Upper Arlington, 614-678-5719,

This South American country is the world's largest coffee producer. If you see the word "natural" used to describe Brazilian beans, it means your java will have a nutty, sweet, heavy and long-lasting taste.

Try: Brasil Sitio da Laje at One Line Coffee. Notes of raspberry, plum, peach and cocoa sweeten the pot. 745 N. High St., Short North, 614-564- 9852,

Ethiopia is the birthplace of the world's favorite drink; legend has it a young Ethiopian farmer observed when his goats chomped on the berries of a specific plant, they frolicked home with a little more pep in their hooves. Ethiopian coffee has a thin body and medium acidity.

Try: Peace Coffee at Global Gallery. Made with beans from the country's Sidama region, Peace Coffee is a light roast with subtle hints of hibiscus and spice. 3535 N. High St., Clintonville, 614-262-5535,